“Being crazy isn't enough.” ~Dr. Seuss

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Anonymous asked: no body cares about your problems if you're a college student either. I feel like no one cares about are generation as a whole unless it's you're one of the few successful people

There’s no argument there, but it just seems like there’s more help for college kids than there is for people that aren’t in college. I’m not saying there’s help for them 100% of the time and that it’s always easy to come by, it’s just that generally people are less willing to help someone if they aren’t going to school.

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It sucks being a broke, healthy, working adult in her mid-twenties because nobody takes pity on you unless you’re ill or in college. Otherwise you’re pretty much shit out of luck and nobody cares about your problems.

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I have pancakes waiting for me at Bob Evans for when I get off work.

Thank God for gift cards because I am BROKE.